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The bio-waste treatment plant of RMB in Frankfurt processes approximately 45,000 tons of green and bio waste annually, generating 16,000 tons of compost and 1.8 million cubic meters of bio gas. This year, the plant was expanded with a second digester system. In addition, negotiations between BKM and RMB resulted in the approval to supply three AKUPRESS AMX screw press dewatering lines with a diameter of 525 mm. The presses started operation on site in November involving detailed training of RMB staff to operate the new system.
One of the special features of this machine is the automatically-adjustable screen basket, which is one of the reasons for the excellent dewatering capacity obtained. The first dry matter contents of the pressed material amounted to approximately 45%, a result which has greatly impressed the team at RMB. The AKUPRESS AMX screw press and its performance have proved very convincing.
The performance of the AKUPRESS has been very convincing