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Almost automatic sludge thickening
The Cologne Wahn sewage treatment plant in the south-west of the city, on the east bank of the Rhine, is part of the Wahn water and soil association and since 2004 has been operated by the “Stadtentwässerungsbetriebe Köln”, AöR. The treatment plant treats the sludge generated by approximately 92,000 of the city’s inhabitants.
After an existing thickening plant failed to reach the required values, the water and soil association chose a Bellmer TurboDrain™ Green 1C to take on the task.
In addition to effective thickening, an important criterion for the new plant was for it to offer as high a level of automation as possible, to minimize personnel costs. The automation of the entire plant was implemented by the operator in its control system, while Bellmer supplied the complete machine technology and belt filter know-how.
The amount of the waste activated-sludge to be thickened by the TurboDrain™ Green is automatically recalculated daily. The optimum quantity to be thickened during the day, is determined by the daily average dry solids content in the biological stage and other factors such as the temperature during activation and the age of the sludge. Seasonal fluctuations are thus taken into account.
In addition, a DS measurement taken during the secondary clarification regulates the optimum polymer batch and dosage quantity.
A further DS measurement in the thickened sludge ensures a consistently high discharge of approximately 8% DS by adapting the polymer dosage quantity.
Starting and shutdown of the TurboDrain™ as well as the subsequent cleaning cycle are fully automatic.
The Wahn sewage treatment plant team is highly satisfied with its new TurboDrain™ thanks to the technology’s automatic, reliable operation and consistently positive thickening performance.
The wastewater treatment plant team is enthusiastic about their reliable new TurboDrain