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A new Bellmer GapCon Calender for smooth surfaces at Umka, Belgrade
The Serbian Umka Cardboard Mill in Belgrade is one of the leading manufacturers of folding box board WLC in South Eastern Europe. The board is mainly used for the production of packaging in the food, confectionery, pharmaceutical, textile and tobacco industries. It is also used in the automotive industry for product and spare parts. The current annual capacity of the mill is 110,000 tonnes.
In line with the company's policy of continuous quality improvement and capacity increase, Umka decided to install a new 1x2 TURBOCal Hard Nip Calender before the coater. The calender will be designed to operate at low line loads and high temperature and equipped with a water spraying system after the last drying cylinder. This combination will increase smoothness and save bulk as much as possible. The new calender is scheduled for startup in August 2017.
To be prepared for future quality requirements the calender will be designed for an extension to a belt calender system at a later stage.
After the delivery of a new drying hood and a new counter roll for their existing shoe press, the new calender will be the third joint project for Umka and Bellmer.

Bellmer GapCon calenders are tailor-made to meet all customer requirements