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Quality and reliability pay off
Modern, highly efficient Lang-Hafner drying hood for Julius Schulte Trebsen
Julius Schulte Trebsen GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading German suppliers of corrugated board and specialty papers. Paper has been produced in Trebsen since 1893. In 2000, the Saxon site was taken over by Julius Schulte Söhne, Düsseldorf, a medium-sized family company which has since continued the papermaking tradition at Trebsen, while also extensively modernizing the production facilities.
As part of the rebuild of the PM in 2013, the existing machine-related air technology was modernized by Lang-Hafner and expanded in the after-dryer section. Another important step has now been taken in the pursuit of further energy savings and modernization. Having completed successful projects at the mill in the past and built up trust as a result, Lang-Hafner won the contract to replace the hood in the pre-dryer section. The highly efficient Lang-Hafner hood is equipped with minimal heat bridges and thus allows a high operating dew point. The construction dew point of the new lifting gate hood is 64°C. The ceiling sections and sides are tightly bolted to the steel construction of the ventilated hood and are designed to be rivet-free and impermeable to water vapor on the inside from a height of approximately 2.2 m above PM floor level. The latest generation of lift gates was used and visibility within the machine has been significantly improved thanks to the latest LED lighting technology. In just six days’ standstill (paper-to-paper), a two-shift operation saw the old sliding-door hood (40m long) dismantled and replaced by a highly efficient hood with lifting gates. A detailed assembly schedule, Lang-Hafner’s professional assembly line, as well as efficient cooperation with the Julius Schulte project team ensured a timely start-up. Preparations made prior to the on-site process also allowed the project to proceed smoothly.
The existing air technology, modernized by Lang-Hafner in 2013, was accepted unchanged. However, due to the higher operating dew point and the resulting lower air volumes, reserves in air technology capacity of approximately 22% were created. "The new hood looks fantastic – you have done a great job. Many thanks to the team at Lang-Hafner," said Maik Nürnberger, plant manager at Trebsen .
Plant manager Maik Nürnberger (left): "The new hood looks fantastic ... "