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100th editions of our company news Bellmer INFO!
Dear INFO Reader,
This year, we celebrate two special landmarks at Bellmer: the 175th anniversary of the company and the fact that you are reading the 100th edition of our company news Bellmer INFO!
"Inform readers about products and tell them our news, but make sure it’s an enjoyable read as well" - this was the brief for the first issue of Bellmer’s customer magazine. At that time there were around 200 employees working at our Niefern location. The reports were still written partly by hand on paper, with fax and e-mail still a way off. 100 editions later, not only is the way the magazine is produced different, but also the company: 600 Bellmer employees work at a total of 8 locations worldwide. This internationalization is also reflected by INFO. Many reports are written directly by our colleagues in Bellmer’s subsidiaries Bellmer GapCon, Bellmer Ibérica, Bellmer Kufferath, Bellmer Vaahto, Lang-Hafner and Solis.
Since 1842, it has been our pleasure to work with you developing customer-specific solutions and projects in paper and separation technology.
175 years of Bellmer is something we would like to celebrate together. So please accept our invitation to our PaperDays from 21st - 22nd September 2017 in Niefern!
The following day we will celebrate this important company anniversary with our employees and their families.
So look back with us and discover some highlights and curiosities from the last 100 editions.
Philipp, Martin and Erich Kollmar

Anniversary greetings from around the world
Anniversary greetings from around the world
“Already 100 issues of INFO? The "yellow sheet" has become an integral part of Bellmer. It is a great way of spreading the news about current projects and products. Long may it last!"
Wolfgang Wiertz, Managing Director Bellmer GapCon

“Our customers always look forward to receiving INFO from Bellmer with its reports of interesting and varied case studies.
“The ‘yellow pages’ stand out particularly in the magazines where they appear regularly, such as Wochenblatt für Papierfabrikation and Professional Papermaking.”
Thomas von Bothmer, Sales Director Bellmer Kufferath Machinery

“Bellmer INFO, the yellow pages, are a great source of information about the status of important Bellmer projects, customer satisfaction etc. More and more customers have got to know Bellmer and its products through the Yellow Pages. It's an ideal medium through which to introduce Bellmer to the Chinese paper industry.
Timo Kerola, General Manager Bellmer China

"Bellmer stands for high-quality solutions for Paper and Separation Technology: A family company encapsulating the best aspects of tradition and modernity. Over the past 100 issues, INFO has been the ideal way to present news from the Bellmer Group at a glance."
Jyrki Strengell, Managing Director Bellmer Vaahto, Finland

"For its 100th issue, the INFO remains reassuringly familiar. You can always rely on the content too: projects from all areas of the company, innovations and other interesting snippets related to the Bellmer Group.
Congratulations on the 100th edition!"
Wolfgang Bayer, Production Manager Hafner GmbH

"The appearance of the Bellmer INFO polarizes opinion. But its consistent quality is well known and appreciated. In addition, the strong values behind INFO shine through. Congratulations on the 100th edition."
Fred Kouvelt, Managing Director Solis, Netherlands

"Four or five times a year Bellmer INFOs arrive in our mailbox and bring welcome news about other projects in the group. With its striking colour INFO guarantees attention."
Unai Galarraga, Managing Director Bellmer Ibérica, Spain

Thank you Your Majesty
The highlight of our customer H.P. Bulmer's 100th anniversary was a visit by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who visited the factory in March 1988 together with her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh. The then director of Bulmer was proud to present a demonstration of the WinklePress™ for fruit juice processing. To allow a better understanding of its operation, Bellmer's trainees had also produced a detailed model of the WinklePress™. The Queen showed her appreciation of both the full-scale technology and the model, much to the delight of the trainees.

The Bellmer zoo from issue 2
While of course Bellmer never had a zoo in Niefern, there was something zoological about its product naming for a period during which, for marketing reasons, certain technical specialty products were named after animals. In paper and environmental technology, we had the "Weasel" belt alignment control, the "Mole" discharge unit for bleached stock, the "Hummingbird" PH-meter and the "Woodpecker" tail cutter. The Bellmer "Beaver" allowed the safe and automatic discharge of sand, while the screen "Hamster" and the "Caterpillar" scraper device met the challenges of all irregularities in the settling basins with constant soil adhesion.

The evolution of INFO: Facelifts in 100 editions

56 INFO issues with a personal greeting from Bellmer’s presidents Martin, Philipp and Erich Kollmar

The headbox is the beginning of optimum paper quality
Defined fibre distribution and therefore the technological properties of the paper web are decisively influenced by the headbox. It is here that paper properties such as cross-direction profile, formation and fibre orientation are determined. Since the first edition of Bellmer INFO, Bellmer's headboxes have undergone significant technical modernization and development. The system that initially prevailed was the TURBOStreamer™ (formerly known as EQUALStreamer™) in combination with the TURBOCircler™ circular distributor. The perfect cross-direction profile and formation were guaranteed on paper machines running at up to 700 m/min and with a wide-range of production programs. Diffusers have been developed for the TURBOJetter™ hydraulic headbox, which ensure turbulent shearing forces and thus a perfect deflocculation of the suspension. Depending on the application, one or more progressions are carried out which ideally match to the range of varieties to be produced.
Vaahto Paper Technology was a leading specialist in the field of headboxes, and when it was added to the Bellmer Group as Bellmer Vaahto, the Group’s technical knowledge and the reference base in this area expanded enormously. The TURBOVaahtoJetter™ hydraulic headbox is now the most technologically advanced headbox in Bellmer’s range, and it ensures optimum formation and CD profiles.
TURBOStreamer – the allrounder
The TURBOJetter for papers produced at higher speed
The top-of-the-range TURBOVaahtoJetter for best formation and CD profiles

he Bellmer pope reeler – always in the lead
The 3,500 mm giant roll created a small sensation in our INFO issue 19 of 1992. A fully automatic pope reeler including a tambour magazine for roll diameters of 3,500 mm had been installed at Stora-Billerud in Arnsberg, Germany. Today, thanks to the proven large-roll reeling technology of the TURBOReeler™, roll diameters of up to 4,200 mm are possible.
Bellmer pope reelers are known for the low level of broke created when changing rolls. Broke reduction and fewer reel drum changes can reduce costs considerably: Annual savings amounting to hundreds of thousands of Euros are possible.
Our reeling solutions are created to be modular - ready to cope with the most wide-ranging demands. This approach will help ensure you install the best solution for your paper web, and enjoy problem-free production for many years to come.
The production quality of our TURBOReeler™ means that the pope reeler keeps pace with your production process as it develops. Monitoring and setting of any operation parameters is effected through process visualization on the clearly laid-out control panel. Just in case any errors should slip in, the specially-developed TURBOCheck diagnostic system will help.
An important criterion for the reeling quality of a paper roll is reeling hardness. With this in mind, the proven reeling hardness control TURBODur™ was developed for the TURBOReeler™. Thanks to this unit the press curves of the spool to be reeled can be adjusted according to the requirements of the paper grades used.
Always up-to-date - the TURBOReeler™ today

Today and then – The development of the WinklePresse during the INFO era
Since its launch in 1972 at the first IFAT, the WinklePress has made a stronger impression than any other mechanical sludge dewatering unit. It was in 1985 - not long after the publication of the first INFO issue - that the WinklePress WPV premiered. Compared with the current generation WinklePress Green, there are clear visual differences. Nevertheless, at that time the WPV had convincing credentials in terms of process technology, reliability, quality, operation and low operating costs. In 1996, announced in INFO issue 26, the next press generation was born - the WinklePress WPN. The closed design with a safety precision frame as well as a hood for odour and vapour extraction, made the fully-automated operation of the systems safer and more comfortable for users. What is still an integral part of all WinklePress models is the 6-stage dewatering principle for gentle pressure build-up.
The WinklePress Green, representing the current generation, followed some time later. The obvious difference is its appearance, with the colour change from blue to green. Beneath the surface, the WP Green is especially designed for a more environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient sludge dewatering. The individual roll gradations have been completely revised and the pressing time within the machine significantly increased. Thanks to the larger access openings the user-friendliness has also been further improved.
WinklePress WPV 1985
First time with enclosed construction: The WPN 1996
The WinklePress Green – environmentally friendly and cost efficient

Sludge thickening = saving of costs and resources
The Bellmer TurboDrain has been around since 1978, working on the principle of gravity filtration, and provides the highest performance within the smallest dimensions. Similar to the WinklePress, it was initially manufactured in an open design. In 1982 the powerful combination of WinklePress and TurboDrain - the Bellmer cascade - came into play for the first time. With its combination of sludge thickening and dewatering, it offers maximum flexibility and insensitivity to extreme suspension fluctuations. In 1995 the TurboDrain Compact TDC was developed for the thickening of thin sludges. Due to the large inspection openings still providing optimal access for easy cleaning, the TDC was manufactured for the first time in a closed construction format. In 2010 with the up-to-date TurboDrain Green, Bellmer launched the first belt filter thickener, which was consequently developed with the goal of saving natural resources. Thanks to the new design, consumption savings of 20% polymer, 10% energy and 30% water can be achieved.
In addition to the effective sludge thickening, it is notable for its user-friendliness thanks to cleaning-friendly inspection openings as well as its quiet and aerosol-free operation.
he TurboDrain Green: Saving costs and resources