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Moving a complete paper machine with 4 trainees Paper production in miniature
Four of our trainees carried out the dismantling and reconstruction of a complete paper machine last September. The experimental paper machine at Stora Enso’s Research Center in Mönchengladbach was moved to the training facility at the Technical University of Darmstadt. It is a fully functional line, approximately 9 m long, which can produce all uncoated paper grades with a wide range of characteristics on a working width of 300 mm. The paper machine has all the components of its giant relatives. Before the paper machine was dismantled, the trainees tested its functionality in a test run. The total dismantling took three days and the paper machine was moved directly to Darmstadt. In order to facilitate transport and subsequent re-assembly, the complete machine was disassembled by the trainees from the headbox to the reel into the individual production areas. After a short week of reconstruction, she was ready to resume production at the new location. The paper machine is now an important resource for the paper technology students at the University of Darmstadt to study through hands-on operation.
Of course the Bellmer trainees were not left completely to their own devices. Under the supervision of an experienced Bellmer assembly team leader and an electrical engineer, it was an excellent opportunity to experience the assembly of an entire paper production line. A good foundation for tomorrow's specialists.
The successful team following the removal of the trial paper machine