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Payback in just a few years Savings make a strong case for the WinklePress
The municipal sewage treatment plant for the city of Lahnstein, which is also responsible for the adjacent town of Braubach, is located directly on the Rhine. Its existing outdated belt filter press was not up to the task of processing 20,000 m³ per year of sludge. In addition to the low dewatering performance, the strong aerosol formation and the risk of injury due to the lack of an odour hood were serious drawbacks. The good sludge dewatering results achieved during on-site tests with the mobile WinklePress test unit confirmed the decision to invest in a WP Green 1 KS with high pressure zone. Thanks to the odour hood, the operators enjoy quiet and aerosol-free operation. Besides the declining disposal costs due to improved dewatering, the WP Green saves operating costs in other areas, too. For example with a throughput capacity of 15 m³/h, the resource-saving operation allows a total cost reduction (polymer, energy, disposal, maintenance) of up to 35,000 EUR / year - depending on operating conditions. Furthermore, polymer consumption has reduced thanks to the inclusion of a Bellmer Mixing Unit (BMU).
Representatives of the cities of Lahnstein and Loreley who had been involved in specifying the plant, inspected it during the commissioning of the WP Green. They anticipate it will pay for itself in just a few years.