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Gondi Group: Ambitious growth plan for Mexico
Gondi Group, created in the early 1950s, is the leading paper and packaging company in Mexico.

Composed of 14 companies, and with a workforce of more than 7,000 employees, it has a productive capacity of 600,000 metric tons of paper per year.

Paper production is covered by 6 paper machines, across 3 paper mills, Empaques Modernos Guadalajara (EMG), Empaques Modernos San Pablo (EMSP) and Papelera Industrial de Potosina (PIP).

The range of products includes qualities such as white liner, semi-kraft liner and medium paper, from 100 to 800 g/m2, as well as coated paperboard Gondikote® in a range of basis weights from 200 to 480 g/m2.

Gondikote® was developed by Gondi Group, and is characterized by its high quality for high-end graphic printing, moisture resistance and the excellent performance of the finished product.

The complete range of products is based on 100% recycled fibre, contributing to environmental sustainability and Gondi Group’s social commitment to wider Mexican society.

In addition to the production of paper Gondi Group also offers its customers integrated packaging solutions: Gondi Group is a market leader in the production of corrugated cardboard boxes, pre-printed corrugated boxes, solid fibre containers, folding containers, micro corrugated cardboard boxes and labels.

In line with its continuous strategy of development, expansion and improvement, Gondi Group is to rebuild PM2 at EMG and PM2 at EMSP.

Gondi Group has entrusted the paper machine and auxiliary system rebuilds for both machines to Bellmer.

The goal for both projects will be, of course, to increase production, as well as improving the finished product, in line with the expectations of an increasingly demanding market. Gondi Group is one of the main players in the sector.

To achieve these targets, Bellmer will supply two new headboxes for EMG and will improve machine efficiency and machine production by rebuilding the press, drying and reeler sections. In addition, a new “state-of-the-art” winder will be installed to ensure the finishing section is prepared for the new production and quality requirements.

At EMSP, the rebuild of PM2 will involve the supply and installation of a TurboShaker for the bottom wire, a press section including a shoe press, new drying section, a FilmSizer, an automatic reeler, as well as several auxiliary systems related to the paper machine itself.

These projects will add 90,000 tons of extra capacity to Gondi Group.
These large scale orders will be led by the project teams of Gondi Group and Bellmer Iberica, supported at all times by the wider Bellmer Group, including Bellmer Niefern, Bellmer Gapcon and Bellmer Vaahto.
The starting signal for the rebuild of the paper machines is given