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Bellmer achieves success in Japan
Japan, with its archipelago of more than 6800 islands and bustling capital Tokyo with almost 13.5 million inhabitants, has decided to buy a WinklePress™ Green 4 KS from Bellmer for its more modest city Goshogawara.

The island state, known for its high environmental and overall quality standards has found in Bellmer, a supplier of quality German-made machinery, the perfect partner.

The Japanese market sets particularly high standards for products from foreign manufacturers. They are subject to complex approval procedures must comply with numerous rules and regulations. But in 2013 a Bellmer WinklePress™ 08 KS made the grade. The second project was then completed this year after the successful completion of various tests, in which all values achieved by the Bellmer WinklePress™ surpassed even the best predictions. In this latest case, Bellmer was awarded the contract to supply a WinklePress™ Green 4 KS – a natural choice because the WinklePress™ offers the lowest operational costs and best results in the field, resulting in flocculant, energy and water savings as well as the highest final dry solids contents thanks to the unique process technology.
In Sumitomo Heavy Industries Environment(SHI-EV) Bellmer has found the perfect partner for the Japanese market: SHI-EV is a mechanical engineering specialist headquartered in Tokyo, which belongs to the prestigious Sumitomo Group, which ranks among the world's five largest business groups.
To achieve a successful market entry into highly quality-focussed Japan, and to establish the appropriate trade connections, a successful partner was found in the trading house Eurotec Ltd.
Japan, with its 127 million inhabitants, is one of the most populous countries in Asia and boasts a highly developed national economy. So we can cautiously assume that Japan has not placed its last order for the “made in Germany” Bellmer WinklePress™.
In July, five representatives of Sumitomo Heavy Industries Environment and Eurotec spent several enjoyable days with us at our head office in Niefern, culminating in the factory acceptance of the WinklePress™ by the customer.
Five representatives of Sumitomo Heavy Industries (from the left) made sure of the new WP on-site in Niefern