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The AKUPRESS – now in use for soy protein production
Shandong Wonderful Industrial Group is one of the leading manufacturers of soy proteins in China. The soy protein produced is used in both the food and animal feed industries, which imposes the highest standards on the plant and equipment specified.
In order to improve and make the production process more efficient, the Chinese presses in operation needed to be retrofitted and upgraded. The decisive factors in the selection of a new solution were maximum dry contents and a constistently high throughput. Each additional percentage point of dryness gained downstream of the press helps Wonderful save expensive steam for further drying. Wonderful placed its first order for an AKUPRESS for soy protein production upon completion of on-site pilot plant trials, which proved the suitability of the AKUPRESS AX screw press for this application. Another challenge presented by this project was compliance with customer-specific anti-explosion regulations due to the use of special alcohols. This required a number of modifications to the standard press to meet customer requirements, including a special motor-gear combination, a gas-tight hood construction and a special internal cleaning system. Commissioning of the installation is scheduled to take place in November 2016.
This AKUPRESS AX has been specially design for the production of soy proteins