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New TURBOVaahtoJetter for Marijskij, Russia
Bellmer Vaahto successfully started up a TURBOVaahtoJetter™ dilution controlled headbox at Marijskij Pulp & Paper Mill in May. Through the investment, PM1 will significantly raise the kraftliner and sackpaper capacity at its site in Volzhsk, southwestern Russia. Bellmer Vaahto´s delivery also included a machine screen for main stock flow, polished approach pipe and equipment for dilution water control. Installation supervision, operator training and start-up services were essential elements of the contract.

Marijskij PM1 with a wire width of 2.95 m, produces packaging grades of 70 – 125 g/m² with a maximum speed of 800 m/min.
The successful start-up and Marijskij teams