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Six WinklePresses for the SCG Group, Thailand
As a fast-growing emerging market Thailand is more than just a leading tourist destination. Thai companies include numerous global players, such as SCG Packaging group, which belongs to Siam Kraft Industry C (SKIC).

At its three sites SKIC attaches particular importance to the use of state-of-the-art equipment for wastewater treatment.
Thai Cane Paper Industry C, which is part of the group, has been dewatering mixed sludge with a WinklePress WPN-G 4S since 2013; the mixed sludge at the Banpong site has been treated with a Cascade S since 2014, while a TurboDrain TD-3H is used to thicken the surplus sludge. All these Bellmer units work to the complete satisfaction of the customer. So what could be more appropriate than ordering Bellmer Separation Technology for the extension of the on-site sewage treatment plant at the third site in Wangsala district, near the town of Kanchanaburi? Here six (yes six!) WinklePresses WPN-G 4S have been commissioned for dewatering the biological sludge.
In addition to the WinklePresses the scope of supply includes the entire control system including PLC, the local control stations and the Bellmer System Control BSC S. The level of dry solids contents achieved means the sludge can be sent directly for combustion. This gives the double benefit that the amount of sludge disposal is drastically reduced, while costs are saved and valuable energy extracted from the sludge. In June representatives of SCG visited Bellmer in Niefern for training and factory acceptance tests. Due to the challenging installation site, the machines will be supplied in assembled units. This is a Bellmer specialty, allowing low-cost assembly for customers even under the most difficult conditions.