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Four dewatering technology installations for Cape Town
Cape Town is the second largest city in South Africa after Johannesburg and world-renowned for Table Mountain and its national park. As one would expect, this prosperous industrial city of 3.8 million inhabitants has a very high output of waste water. For many years now, the city of Cape Town has cooperated successfully with Bellmer. A WinklePress WPN K3 has been dewatering the biological sludge at the Bellville sewage treatment plant since 2001. Then in 2008, the plant was upgraded with an additional Cascade consisting of a TurboDrain  TDC 3 and a WinklePress WPN K3. When building a new membrane bioreactor plant in 2011, Bellville ordered Bellmer’s dewatering equipment again. Four Bellmer Cascades, each consisting of TurboDrain Green 3 C and WinklePress WPN K3, have been dewatering the MBR sludge for a year now. In order to enhance the wastewater infrastructure of Cape Town still further, the sewage treatment plants of the two districts of Mitchells Plain and Borcherts Quarry are to be modernized – representing the fourth order that the city of Cape Town has awarded to Bellmer! In Mitchells Plain, two WinklePresses WPN-G 3S will replace two centrifuges and dewater the primary sludge. Bellmer will also deliver two Cascades S, each consisting of a TurboDrain Green 3 H and a WinklePress WPN-G 3, for the expansion of thickening and dewatering of surplus sludge.

The wastewater treatment plant in Borcherts Quarry has commissioned a new building for dewatering of primary sludge, housing separation technology from Bellmer. Two WinklePresses WPN G 3 S will be used to guarantee the best possible dewatering results at the lowest operating costs. In June, the city of Cape Town’s project managers and a representative of its consultant engineering firm visited Niefern for factory acceptance tests and were highly impressed with what they saw. Consultant engineer Zaheer Ortell said: “All of us were very impressed with the factories and the production arrangements, too. Without doubt, the visit was a 100% success!”