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Felix Schoeller saves energy costs with the help of Lang-Hafner
Felix Schoeller Group has been producing high-quality special papers for almost 120 years. Quite a number of different operational processes are required on PM 1 at Osnabrück to deal with the wide variety of products it manufactures for digital print, nonwoven and décor papers. To ensure flexible and energy-efficient operation it became necessary to modify the steam and condensate system as well as the related hood air technology in the dryer section. This is where the experience of Lang-Hafner was key. The main focus of the rebuild project was on saving energy. The end result is that the entire hall ventilation can now be operated, depending on the product, without the use of live steam. The hood’s nested air system was structured and clearly assigned, and subject to the actual production and steam requirements in the respective dryer groups, the fans are automatically controlled in terms of the number of rotations required to ensure a constantly high and efficient dew point in the hood. The steam and condensate system was also adapted considerably. In addition to the newly-arranged heating groups, it is now possible to heat up or switch off individual cylinders, and cooling water consumption during the paper making process has been reduced to “zero”. The waste and flow steam, which was condensed with cooling water prior to the rebuild, is now used to heat the paper machine. Ever since startup, on schedule, in June 2014, the machine has given problem-free service and continuous savings in primary energy.

Jörg Laing (project manager at Felix Schoeller) says: “We opted for Lang-Hafner as our supplier because it offered a logical overall concept from a single source. In my view, the success of this project is based on the cooperation and mutual trust between supplier and customer.”