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Air Technology
In addition to an efficient drying plant (steam and condensate system), the use of an air-technological system ensures a completely economic energy concept.
Saving expensive primary energy - through the reduction of energy consumption or diminution through energy release to the atmosphere – enhances the efficiency of the production machine, and thus it is paid off in a very short period of time.

HAFNER produces custom-tailored individual extracting/ and demisting hoods, up to absolutely high performance hoods.

Special lifting and rolling gate systems and movable constructions enable problem-free access to the machine and changing of cylinders, rolls and fabrics etc. Via the heat recovery, exhaust air from the dryer section is used via air/air or air/water heat exchangers and are fed back to the energy balance.
Via the heat recovery plant, energy costs can considerably be saved. As a result, greatest return of your investment is ensured within a shortest period of time.

All installations are monitored and operated with up-to-date micro processor control loops.