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Personalized support for our customers is a top priority at BELLMER LANG-HAFNER.
Finally, we are a family-owned company and you – as our customer – should definitely feel that. Our managing partners, the Kollmar family, guarantee for a smooth and personal order processing. Our project leaders accompany you continuously up to the start-up of the machine. Do you have any particular wishes? Just contact us so that we can make them come true.

We comply with the tasks set by our customers in a flexible way. Also shortest delivery times can be met with our lean and efficient organisation. To be able to reach this challenging goal, our main factors are our fully committed staff and our advanced-level electronic data system.

Always there for you
Service round the clock goes for us without saying. Since, after all, quite a number of our customers’ plants have to be operable 24 h a day / 7 weeks. In case of emergency, our staff can be reached personally.
We are here, right for you!