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Up to the year 1954, Heinrich Lang and Jakob Hafner were colleagues at the company of Frankfurter Luft (= Frankfurt Air) located in Frankfurt. There, they dealt with the engineering of heating systems and air-technical plants for a wide range of industrial sectors. In their last years working together, they fully focused on the paper industry.

Already then, they gathered detailed basics for the calculation and dimensioning of steam and condensate systems as well as for the engineering of air-technical plants. As early as in those years, it had become obvious that the systems of steam and condensate and of air technology are in direct relation concerning an energy-efficient paper drying process. In the year of 1954, they decided to go separate ways and each of them founded a company of his own. Through the years, they gained great specific knowledge.

Foundation of „Heinrich Lang Wärmetechnik-Regeltechnik GmbH“ by Heinrich Lang, located in Eschborn near Frankfurt.

Company foundation of „Jakob Hafner Lufttechnische Anlagen“ by Jakob Hafner.
After starting the business in Mindelheim, the production facilities moved to Apfeltrach in Bavaria in 1965.

In August 1985, Jakob Hafner passed away.
Sale of Jakob Hafner’s company to Heinrich Lang, Wärmetechnik-Regeltechnik GmbH, located in Eschborn

Bellmer acquired 100% of Lang and Hafner.
Integration of LANG-HAFNER into the Bellmer Group.